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I have always been an avid lover of cricket, watching and playing cricket for years now. Twenty-five years ago, I bought a cricket kit. It was the Eid holiday (an important Islamic holiday celebrated by Muslims throughout the world). I had been able to gather enough money from my elders on Eid to buy a kit for myself. When my father came to know about this, he was infuriated. At that time I was not sure why he was getting angry. It was not the money aspect; he used to spend a lot for our family. It was not the cricket kit; he was a cricket lover himself.

I realize now that I acted in a manner that was noncompliant with the governance framework that ran in our family. There were certain items that we could buy without asking permission from our father. However, buying a cricket kit was a decision where he needed to intervene and grant permission. If I had consulted with him, he would have taken me to the shop and gotten one for me. Too late, money spent and wrath bought.

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Members of the Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance (CILG) Ghana chapter have been urged to hold on tightly to the professional ethics of the Leadership and Governance profession.

They have also been reminded that the institute still upholds the tenets conferred on it by legislation and thus, as a professional body registered by Law and controlled by Representative Council, a member found guilty of misconduct by the council may have his or her membership completely withdrawn.

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The Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance (CILG) is a professional body established under the laws of the State of New Mexico, United States of America, to build and implement Leadership and Governance skills in the administration of professional duties. CILG is currently in 51 different countries. CILG over the years has helped organisations across the globe to build a robust corporate structure, implement good corporate governance and ensure that its members act according to the professional code of conduct of the institute.


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The idea that you need to have a big company to use sophisticated technology is understandable as a belief, but it’s also wrong. While a lot of people think that great, transformative technology is expensive and unrealistic as a business owner, this simply isn’t the case.

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